Business policy principles

1.    Company

We view ourselves as a company within the Swiss and global economy and an active member of a future-oriented industry.

2.    Customers

Our customers are companies, operations and organizations around the world that value and seek to profit from professional transport handling and logistics consulting.

3.    Added value

We monitor our market and critically evaluate new trends so that we can offer our customers future-oriented, economical, high-quality solutions. Towards this end, the benefits for the customers and the ecological options take priority and not just the price.

4.    Employees

The most valuable capital our company has is our staff. So that each of them is able to provide top performance at his or her workplace, we value good education and training, a pleasant working environment and positive team spirit.

Our employees also have the necessary competencies and decision-making powers.

5.    Management

We are committed to a modern leadership style, which includes the equal say and self-responsibility of each of our employees. We promote initiative and interest in the wellbeing of the company with clearly set goals, an open information policy and through optimal consensus of duties, competencies and responsibilities.

6.    Partnerships

We seek to work consistently correctly, legally, openly and fairly with our customers, suppliers and other business partners in a highly competitive market. We rely on long-lasting partnerships through which all parties profit.

7.    Profit

Our goal is to:

  • generate an appropriate profit;
  • cover our operating costs;
  • ensure that our capital generates appropriate returns;
  • create the reserves necessary to also protect our company in difficult times.

8.    Professional code & competition

We base our activities on the Spedlogswiss professional code.

As a member of Spedlogswiss and the European Freight & Logistic Leader Forum, we place ourselves and this organization in free competition. Both organizations confirm this behavior on their websites.